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Editor’s Note: For victims of sexual assault, the recovery includes mentally healing in addition to physically healing. The following is a post from a young woman describing feeling like the Godliness was leaving her body in the midst of being sexually assaulted. As part of the healing process, she thinks through how she could still Read More …

Naomi Shulman holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling and is a co-founder of Chazkeinu, an organization offering mental health peer support to Jewish women. Naomi aims to use her education and personal experience with mental health to encourage healing and wellness in the Jewish community.
Naomi Shulman
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Post-Miscarriage I wrote this after I had a miscarriage that triggered some strange mental health symptoms. I was having extreme fears and nightmares about the baby that I lost and couldn’t make peace with my incessant panic about what happened during the pregnancy and what it meant about the baby’s Neshama (Jewish soul).   I reached Read More …

Be cognizant that somebody acting out may be impacted by childhood trauma. We must not shy away from encouraging them to get the needed help in order to improve their lives.

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Founder and President at Refuat Hanefesh
Dr. Ariel Mintz grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After spending two years learning in Israel, at Derech Eitz Chaim and Shaalivm, he earned his BA in Psychology at Yeshiva Univesity in New York. He went on to obtain his MD at Oakland University William Beaumont School of medicine and trained in adult psychiatry at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. He completed a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic and is a practicing psychiatrist in Cleveland, Ohio. He has received awards for his research, academic performance, and service to the Jewish community. He has a supportive and talented wife and three wonderful children. He is very passionate about destigmatizing mental illness and bringing comfort to those who are suffering. Ariel can be reached at
Ariel Mintz, MD
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This coming Monday night we will sit around the table and retell the story of the Jew’s slavery in Egypt. Many commentators have asked why we bring ourselves back to days of servitude when life is so much better for us now. Isn’t it depressing to focus on the negative? They answer that reliving our Read More …

Head of Torah Content at Refuat Hanefesh
Rabbi Dovid Zirkind is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. He studied for two years in Israel at Yeshiva Kerem B'Yavneh and is a graduate of Yeshiva University where he obtained a Bachelors in Psychology. He received Semicha (Rabbinic Ordination) from the Rabbi Yitzchok Elchonon Theological Seminary. He has served as the Associate Rabbi of The Jewish Center in Manhattan since 2012. In his role as Associate Rabbi, Rabbi Zirkind is the director of The Center's Adult Education Programming and Rabbi of its vibrant Young Leadership community.
Rabbi Dovid Zirkind

The art of storytelling demands a captivating structure. One time-tested method introduces a character worth following, only to have him or her fall into despair. Committed to the well-being of the character, the reader journeys with the story’s central figure from failure to success.