Song: I Believe in You

I’d like to share something close to my heart. I’ve struggled with mental health all my life. I’ve had long stretches of stability between episodes, and many times I thought to myself, “Baruch Hashem, I’m better now!” Invariably, when another episode hit a few months or years later, I was devastated.


I’m coming to realize that my life is not meant to pan out the way I plan it, but rather it’s meant to go according to Hashem’s plans. My mental health condition is not something that’s likely to ever go away, and therefore it’s something I’m meant to grapple with – and grow from – throughout my life. I’m still learning to accept it, but my faith, particularly my faith in Hashem’s kindness, love, and intimate involvement in every detail of my life, powers me onward.


I wrote a song called “I Believe in You” that I hope will encourage those who are fighting similar battles. It’s written as if Hashem is speaking to the person facing their personal darkness and struggling to heal and grow. It expresses the kindness with which I believe Hashem approaches us when we’re hurting, but makes no attempt to explain the meaning or purpose of our struggles.


Over the years, these ideas have been my greatest source of comfort and strength, and I’d like to share them with others who may benefit.



Disclaimer: The following is a song which contains Kol Isha (a women’s voice). For those who do not listen to Kol Isha, the lyrics to the song can be found below.





Don’t be afraid of what you see.

It was all created by Me.

Every part, all the darkness inside –

Turn to Me, you have nothing to hide.


Don’t shy away from what is true,

All the deepest parts of you.

Have the courage even when you’re feeling small –

Turn to Me, I will hear your call.


I stand with you, please know I do.

And when your heart is breaking know I’m crying next to you.

Look through My eyes, come see your light.

And know, I believe in you.


I’ll build you up, I’ll help you stand up tall.

Don’t be afraid, I’ll catch you if you fall.

I am here, I’ve been near you all along.

When you’re weak and when you are strong.


And if the storm should rise up once again,

Call on Me, your Ally and your Friend.

I’ll stay with you, don’t have to do this on your own.

You have Me, you are never alone.


I stand with you, please know I do.

And when your heart is breaking know I’m crying next to you.

Look through My eyes, come see your light.

And know, I believe in you.


I placed your darkness inside you.

But no one feels your pain more than I do.

I am with you even in the dark,

Please listen with your heart –

I always believe in you.


Naomi Shulman

Naomi Shulman

Naomi Shulman holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling and is a co-founder of Chazkeinu, an organization offering mental health peer support to Jewish women. Naomi aims to use her education and personal experience with mental health to encourage healing and wellness in the Jewish community.
Naomi Shulman

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7 Comments on “Song: I Believe in You

  1. A beautiful song and what a beautiful voice.. moved me to tears. You are unbelievably talented- please compose more! I would also love to download it.

  2. This song is so moving- no matter what’s going on in life there’s nothing like imagining you can “look through my eyes come see you’re light”.
    Such deep and stunning words and lyrics. Thank you for using your challenges to give strength to others.
    May Hashem continue to bless you to create more music and inspiration for the Jewish world!!

  3. Beautiful song! I have been struggling with my faith recently, but this song is so touching. I battled breakfast for three hours this morning. Finally, I got something to eat and listened to this song while I ate. It made it a little easier. Thank you! 🙂

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