Submit A Piece

We greatly appreciate your courage and desire to share your insights and help #breakthesilence.

Rules for Submission:

  1. You may send in previously published material, provided that you include a link to the original post. However, we prefer original pieces
  2. Anything sent in is subject to be edited for clarity and grammar/spelling. It is our goal to ensure that your voice and style remains yours- and so we may contact you and ask you to do some editing on your own.
  3. A picture will be added to your piece, usually something pertaining to nature, and you do NOT need to send one in. However, if you wish to, we will do our best to accept it.
  4. We encourage you to publish with your name and submit a bio and picture of yourself, however, we do accept anonymous posts.
  5. There is no minimum or maximum length. The average blog post runs 400-900 words.
  6. You do not need to be a professional or have first-hand experience with mental illness. However, the submission must relate to mental health or mental illness. This includes a wide range of topics such as bullying, relationships or anything else that imapcts well being.
  7. Feel free to send us opinion pieces, educational pieces, poems, songs or any other work that conveys an important idea other's can benefit from.
  8. We will get back to you within one week and let you know whether or not we can accept your submission.