Mental Illness is a real concern in almost every family. In any given year, 20% of people will have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder. We must stop ignoring mental illnesses and start attempting to understand them. Only through education and knowledge can we help ourselves and others.
Knowledge is Power

NOW is the time to speak out about journeys and struggles with mental illness/health. Whether you or a loved one has experienced life with a mental illness, or you simply want to help raise awareness and conversation- this is the place and NOW is the time. Together we can #breakthesilence.

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I wanted to let you know that I found info about your website on a post that was in response to an article last week about the 60th overdose this year in the Jewish community. I was so happy to see that finally people are recognizing the need for assistance with mental health and actually taking the steps to offer this help.I appreciate your efforts tremendously and you should be blessed with much success in all your endeavors.