Psychotic Disorders Blogging

Most of us have experienced symptoms of mental illness, even psychosis, regardless of whether or not we have been diagnosed. Recognizing this fact can help us have more empathy for those who have been diagnosed.

Shanee Markovitz was born in Israel and grew up Southern Florida. She is currently in the honors program at Stern College for Women. Shanee is a big proponent of destigmatizing mental health and being open about it. Her own experiences, including her mother's suicide, have led her to get involved, speak out, and make a difference. She has written popular articles on numerous sites including the Forward and is in the process of writing a book about various mental health topics. She speaks in public forums about the effect mental illness has had on her life and the wisdom she has attained from her struggles, as well as the impact mental health has on individuals and communities. She is devoted to seeing the stigma of mental illness disappear during her lifetime. She would love for you to join with her on the quest to destigmatize mental illness and support those in need.
Shanee Markovitz

A huge part of the stigma surrounding mental illnesses involves the notion that a person living with a mental illness will be unsuccessful. This claim is simply not true, and I chose eight accomplished and/or famous people who live with a mental illness and also fight the stigma and #breakthesilence to prove it.