Month: December 2019

Eliyahu Spivack grew up in Passaic, NJ and is a graduate of Yeshiva University's Yeshiva College. He has been involved in mental health advocacy and writes about his personal experiences in order to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and illness.
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Many living with social anxiety disorder can list several opportunities they let slip away because of their anxiety. Maybe they passed up on a great job opportunity because they were worried about having a panic attack during the interview. Maybe they never go to social events because they’re worried about getting embarrassed and laughed at. Read More …

Tamara is ready to end the stigma and open to sharing her stories about depression, suicidal ideation, and anxiety.
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“Relapse” has a lot of different meanings for everyone. To me, relapse is what happened in May of 2019. I was doing great: I was almost done with high school, and I had amazing plans for the future. I couldn’t even see myself getting back into a bad place. I can say, “I should have Read More …