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Etan Neiman, CPA, is Refuat Hanefesh's Director of Operations and was previously Editor-in-Chief. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Yeshiva University's Sy Syms School of Business. While at Yeshiva, Etan was editor of the student newspaper's Business Section and President of Active Minds, a national organization committed to decreasing mental illness stigma on college campuses. He currently works in downtown Manhattan as a Senior Accounting Associate for Brand Sonnenschine. Etan has spoken and written extensively about how he moved past his mental health battles with anxiety and depression. He looks forward to joining others on a similar journey to break the harmful stigma-induced silence. Etan can be reached at
Etan Neiman

Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Chester Bennington, and Robin Williams. Sharon Markovitz, Batsheva Stadlan, Chazz Petrella and recently Channing Smith. All of these wonderful people – the last three of which just teenagers – have sadly been lost to suicide. Those survived by them all made a decision that can almost be described as puzzling. They Read More …

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PART 1: Today, I had an anniversary. It wasn’t a wedding anniversary or friendaversary. It wasn’t one of the “six months to the day that I almost killed myself” or “one year to the day my therapist called Hatzalah to get me to the hospital” anniversaries either. Today, I was marking three years with no Read More …

Ruthie Schreiber is a recent Honors program graduate from Stern College for Women. She is currently in CUNY York College to obtain a Master's of Physician Assistant Studies.
Ruthie Schreiber
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NBC’s highly rated show This is Us has captured the hearts of viewers across the country as it chronicles the lives of three siblings searching for love and fulfillment. The comedy-drama follows the three Pearson siblings across numerous decades, navigating relatable storylines of friendship, family, tragedy, and hope. The show is particularly notable for its Read More …