Month: March 2018

How do we avoid getting dragged into the same arguments every year at the Seder? How do we not take offense to the same annoying joke made at our expense each year?

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Sometimes, a book can provide the clarity needed to understand one’s life. I discovered the story of my life in a thin children’s book, Are You My Mother? by P. D. Eastman As a child, Are You My Mother? was my favorite storybook. It was the one I would read aloud to my brother each Sunday Read More …

There was no quick fix to treat schizophrenia, and I wasn’t a carefree, silly teenager.

Caleb developed an opiate addiction after being in a car accident. He’s in recovery today and wants to inspire others to overcome their addictions. Mr. Anderson co-created RecoveryHope to help people with substance abuse disorders and their families.
Caleb Anderson

Alcoholism, drug abuse, and extramarital affairs often go hand in hand. Any of these in themselves is a good reason to end a relationship. A combination of the three is even more difficult to overcome. In this article, we take a look at why drug addicts exhibit certain destructive behaviors and how to mend a Read More …