Month: February 2020

Tzivia Appleman graduated from the HANC High School class of 2017. She spent the following year studying in Israel at MMY and is currently in its Shana Bet program. Afterwards, she will be attending NYU. Tzivia is from Plainview, New York and is the former Regional President of New York NCSY. She's a passionate Jew who loves to write and take down the stigma!
Tzivia Appleman
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When I first started watching This Is Us, I immediately fell in love with the relatable and compelling storyline: the childhood, the adolescence, and the adulthood of a very special family that almost seems too perfect. That is until you realize that, from the very first moment, the family is far from “perfect,” making the Read More …

Sarah Last is a passionate 21-year-old from Plainview, New York. She is currently attending Stern College for Women, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. Sarah has been diagnosed with anxiety, Depression, OCD and BPD and wishes to use her experience with mental illness to help others and break the stigma.
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Every morning when I get dressed (especially in the summer), I have a battle in my head, pondering this dilemma: “People will judge me and look at me differently.” “One of the reasons I self-harmed was to have scars.” “I don’t want to be embarrassed by my scars.” “What if I get uncomfortable stares and Read More …