Music: Send Me a Lifeline

The following music was selected as a 1st place winner of 2022’s Refuat Hanefesh Creative Expression Contest.

Age Group: Adult

Message from The Musician: This is the country version of a song I wrote several years ago with my songwriting partner Rich Sokolow called “G-d can you send me a Lifeline” since the only safe space and place that is constant for me has been Hashem, especially when there has not been anywhere else to go to feel safe and hang on to hope. My long-term goal as a Jewish clergy abuse survivor is to partner with a Jewish organization or someone who can support my efforts to start a 501(c) to distribute funds to help them improve their quality of life.

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2 Comments on “Music: Send Me a Lifeline

  1. Beautiful lyrics and very uplifting. The music sounds wonderful. Who is the singer? Absolutely beautiful to listen and reflect upon.

    1. Thanks so much Marie, The singer is a male Country artist in Nashville Tennessee called ” James Sailer” and he works for the publishers I used to have for the song called Diamond Garden Music. My songwriting partner and I wrote the words and the melody and I was executive producer on the project and asked my publishers to help me make a Country version of the song and I would like to have a male country artist! James is amazing. So glad you like the song! Hadassah Chavivah!

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