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Hindy is an advocate focusing on removing the veil of shame covering mental health and addiction in faith-based communities. She is the Communications Associate for BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy, a program for young adults on individualized journeys of self-discovery and healing. Her own journey with suicidal ideation, depression and building communities has given her a unique perspective when creating social change. As an avid camp person, Hindy thrives in the great outdoors, loves ceramics, playing with baby goats and hiking. Hindy’s goal is to fuse her commitment to her communities, youth and the great outdoors into an answer for addiction and mental health issues.
Hindy Finman
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Dear Suicide, We’ve known each other for a long time. I’d say going on 20 years. We have quite the relationship. It was odd for many years. I mean, how is a kid supposed to figure you out? I thought it was my family’s background that made me odd. But that didn’t make sense because Read More …

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Founder and President at Refuat Hanefesh
Dr. Ariel Mintz grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After spending two years learning in Israel, at Derech Eitz Chaim and Shaalivm, he earned his BA in Psychology at Yeshiva Univesity in New York. He went on to obtain his MD at Oakland University William Beaumont School of medicine and trained in adult psychiatry at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. He completed a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic and is a practicing psychiatrist in Cleveland, Ohio. He has received awards for his research, academic performance, and service to the Jewish community. He has a supportive and talented wife and three wonderful children. He is very passionate about destigmatizing mental illness and bringing comfort to those who are suffering. Ariel can be reached at
Ariel Mintz, MD
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What prevented the Jews from listening to Moshe? In this week’s Torah portion (Va’eira) we are told, “The Jews did not listen to Moshe because of kotzer ruach and difficult work” (6:9). Rashi, an 11th-century commentator, translates kotzer ruach as shortness of breath. However, the Ohr Hachaim, an 18th-century commentator, translates it as “shortness of spirit”. He Read More …

A skeptical look at what it means to “always communicate” and how to properly do it to ensure a happier and more successful relationship.

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My name is unimportant. My exact age is too. Just because I’m sure you’re curious, I’m in my late teens, but that doesn’t matter. Where I live means nothing, as does what school I attend. What matters is that I am a young woman who just like anyone else has passions, dislikes, a family I love, strong Read More …

Head of Marketing at Refuat Hanefesh
Chaim Ancier, MSW, LICSW graduated from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Business and then from Wurzweiler’s School of Social Work. He has worked with families and individuals to obtain social services, taught independent living skills, and helped disadvantaged children develop social skills. He has lectured faculty and students on bullying and its long term effects and worked with chronically ill Psychiatric patients at a state hospital and nursing home. Currently, he is a county supervisor for a team of social workers and public health nurses.
Chaim Ancier
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Our dreams for our children Every parent has hopes, dreams, and aspirations for their child. On the most basic level, we want our children to be successful in whatever path they choose to take. A teacher of mine once said a sign of being a successful parent is that your child no longer needs you. Read More …

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I was diagnosed with depression a few weeks after my 17th birthday. The months leading up to my diagnosis had been turbulent at best. One good hour was often followed by many bad days. Eventually, my good hours were spent anxiously anticipating the next storm. I fought my battles silently and didn’t think anyone could Read More …

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Rabbi Raffi Bilek, LCSW-C, is the director of the Baltimore Therapy Center and also works with Jews across the globe on Frum Counselor . He recently founded K’nafayim , a nonprofit organization providing family services to the Jewish community of Baltimore and beyond.
Raffi Bilek
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If you are married to someone with a mental illness, you don’t need me to tell you that it’s a tough job. As a therapist, I have worked with many families where mental illness has put an inordinate strain on relationships. There’s no way to make it simple – but perhaps a few pointers will Read More …

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Here are some things you should know about me: I am 18 years old. I love to sing, draw, find random quotes, and go on weird adventures with friends. Leslie Knope is my biggest role model. And I will fight you to the death if you say I can’t do something because I’m a girl. These Read More …

A dating story exploring when and how to divulge your personal secrets. Viewed properly, your deepest fears may be your greatest strengths.