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Editor’s Note: This piece contains descriptions of the author’s Sexaholism symptoms in general terms, which some readers may find uncomfortable. Refuat Hanefesh believes that addiction is a critically important issue to shed a light on in the Jewish community, particularly this segment of addiction as it is seldomly discussed. We commend the author for sharing Read More …

Howard Weiner grew up in the Detroit area. He completed all of his training in medicine, adult psychiatry, and child/adolescent psychiatry at the University of Michigan. He is also a graduate of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. He has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient programs, hospitals, and residential treatment programs. He has a special interest in the interface between spirituality and mental health.
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The purpose of this article is twofold. The first is to help parents understand the nature of substance use disorders. The second is to identify signs that indicate that their child may be suffering from such a disorder. This is not an academic treatise on the subject but rather a practical approach.     The Read More …

Shoshana Schwartz is a therapeutic horseback riding instructor and addictions counselor at Retorno. She is the author of four books and a regular contributor to Mishpacha magazine.
Shoshana Schwartz
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It’s 10 a.m. on Shabbos morning, and the congregation at Ohel Yitzchak (fictitious name) stands as the ark is opened. It is time to take out the Torahs. Voices join together in song, and approximately 30 congregants (mostly men and a few teenage boys) discreetly slip out the back door.   The sizable breakaway group Read More …

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The following piece was selected as one of the winners of this year’s Refuat Hanefesh Creative Expression Contest. Age group: College And Up. It has been lightly edited.      The more you try to reach it, it alludes you You think you’re going to get it but you ain’t seen nothing yet For only Read More …

Batya Tamar Stern is a writer who likes to use her talents to spread awareness about mental health. She lives in Israel where she enjoys writing essays and fiction stories in her free time.
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The following piece was selected as one of the winners of this year’s Refuat Hanefesh Creative Expression Contest. It has been lightly edited.      He’s following me. Every second of the day. He tries to tempt me, little by little but very quickly gains speed. Next to him, I am powerless.   Addiction. Such Read More …

Caleb developed an opiate addiction after being in a car accident. He’s in recovery today and wants to inspire others to overcome their addictions. Mr. Anderson co-created RecoveryHope to help people with substance abuse disorders and their families.
Caleb Anderson

Alcoholism, drug abuse, and extramarital affairs often go hand in hand. Any of these in themselves is a good reason to end a relationship. A combination of the three is even more difficult to overcome. In this article, we take a look at why drug addicts exhibit certain destructive behaviors and how to mend a Read More …

It’s the season of guilt for past misdeeds with the day of atonement quickly approaching. But, is this actually helpful for repentance?

The principles of AA have been around for 3400 years. Learn about the similarities between the 12 steps and Moshe’s strategy of rebuke.