A caterpillar so small and slow
No one thinks he can blossom or grow
He doesn’t know
Why he was created without shine or glow

Why all his friends run
And everyone says he ain’t fun
Life is just a scam and con
He feels like he’s done

The voices in his brain
Drives him insane
With no direction or lane
He feels like in the drain

I’m done with the world
I can’t take it, who would?
Running away from everyone I should
I can’t anymore who could

With saliva and sweat
I’ll make a bet
That all I need is for the world to let
To hide in my safety net

Sinking and sinking
Just my brain spinning and thinking
Without even blinking
I’m done fighting

Months go by
No one notice my pain, or telling me hi
Locked in my pupa up high
This isn’t a joke or a lie

Sitting there with so much pain
Thinking I’ll never appreciate the sun or rain
With this amout of guilt and shame
I have no wish to continue this game

Laying in my bed
Thinking I’m good as dead
Depressed about the life I had
With a mom and dad
That were always so mad
And never wanted me so bad

I felt something moving inside
But I couldn’t even hide
I tried turning to my other side
This isn’t something I can abide

Hope is shining in
There is a small grin
Maybe life isn’t made to always be in the bin
Maybe one day I’ll fly and stop the spin

Pushing and breathing
Stopping the chatter and meeting
There is no time for talking
Or even space to be walking

Depressed says no way
Hope responds “breathe” you say?
Depressed says don’t you dare
Hope responds breathe I sense a glare

Hope says keep the fight
You might find delight
Maybe tomorrow or tonight
You will see the light

Pains and aches
My body shakes and wakes
It reformes and takes
Wings it makes

Final push through
Out of my stuckness and glue
I spread my wings into the blue
Passing the electric wire with the shoe

I laugh and fly
I can’t believe I was once Depressed and shy
I feel like I can almost touch the sky
I never thought “I wanted to die”

Metamorphosis it might be
Don’t blame he or she
The more pain your life brings
Just might mean that you’re developing stronger and more beautiful wings

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