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Rav Yoni Rosensweig is the Rabbi of the Netzach Menashe community in Beit Shemesh, a Ram in Midreshet Lindenbaum. and author of several books.
Rav Yoni Rosensweig

Below is a compelling question and answer as a special preview of Rav Yoni Rosensweig’s upcoming book examining the intersection of mental health and Jewish law. Rav Rosensweig is a popular author, Rabbi of the Netzach Menashe community in Beit Shemesh, and a Ram in Midreshet Lindenbaum. Click here to support the publication of this Read More …

Chaya Rochel Zimmerman, born and raised in Staten Island, NY, and a graduate of Bais Rivkah Seminary in Crown Heights, earned degrees from Brooklyn College and the University of Maryland in Education and Math. She is committed to Jewish causes including establishing and supporting Jewish educational institutions, creating women’s programming, and volunteering for the local mikvah. Her passion for writing arose from her love of reading and her desire to help others, through the medium of thought-provoking fiction. She lives in Chicago and is married to Rabbi Yale Zimmerman, a businessman and musician. Together they enjoy visiting their grandchildren in Chicago, New York, Arizona, England and Israel. To learn more about her book, please visit her website at
Chaya Rochel Zimmerman
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I have vivid memories from my childhood of a man in a crumpled suit sitting in the kitchen of my synagogue next to my father, the shamus (Rabbi’s assistant), who handed the man a plate of leftovers from the weekly Kiddush. He looked scary to me and I’d heard other members of the shul gently Read More …

Avi is a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. He has empowered both patients and his community to make significant changes in their lives with accountability and focus.

Avi can be reached at or at 347-531-6057
Avi Friedman, MFT
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It is common knowledge that physical exertion and exercise have dramatic impacts on our physical health. All nutritional programs will tell you that the combination of nutrition and exercise is the key to staying physically healthy. There is an abundance of evidence confirming that physical activity can improve chronic conditions and prevent many serious medical Read More …

Suzann is an occupational therapist who works on the behavioral health units at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Hospital of Baltimore, MD. She has a clinical specialty in psychiatric occupational therapy and has worked as an occupational therapist for twenty years, with clinical experience in acute psychiatric units, inpatient psychiatric units, outpatient partial hospitalization programs, and inpatient rehabilitation. At Levindale, she works primarily with patients with mental illness, running daily psychosocial groups (including coping skills, stress management, assertiveness skills, safety/fall prevention, anger management, depression management, anxiety management, and how to speak about mental illness).
Suzann Lasson, OTR/L
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I started working in an acute psychiatric unit fifteen years ago as an occupational therapist (OT), during which time the experiences I have had with those in the Jewish community and their petrified need for secrecy have been alarming. More on that crisis in a little bit. First, for context, occupational therapy became prevalent in Read More …

Marriage Advisor at Refuat Hanefesh
Rabbi Dani Bauer, originally from Brooklyn, NY, earned a Bachelor’s of Talmudic Law at Yeshivat Sha'alvim in Israel and a Bachelor's in Psychology at Lander College for Men. He obtained Semicha at Yeshiva University and received an M.S. in Jewish Education from the Azrieli School of Education. Rabbi Bauer has served as a rabbinic intern at the Roslyn Synagogue, a Kollel instructor at DRS High School, a Beit Midrash Fellow at SAR High School, and youth director in Bais Medrash of Bergenfield. He has been teaching Gemara and Tanach at Kohelet Yeshiva High School in Philadelphia since 2013. He is currently studying at the Council for Relationships in a post-graduate certification program for marriage and family therapy.
Dani Bauer

“Remember when?” and “remember the time that?” These phrases that often come up when I am hanging out with my buddies. We reminisce about times that we had together; we tell jokes about experiences we shared.   Nostalgia is so important to society that the movie industry has made it into a multi-billion dollar venture Read More …

Dr. David Lefkowitz is a clinical psychologist in Brooklyn, NY. He is co-director of the Family Crisis Intervention Program for the Bikkur Cholim Hesed organization and was a psychologist at Ohel Tikva, which provides culturally sensitive services for the Jewish community.

You can learn more about him on his website or contact him at 917-865-0904.
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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder that is difficult to cope with on a daily basis. The need to perform an action repeatedly until it feels right or being unable to stop obsessing over irrational fears can interfere with your life, leading to extra stress in both your life and the lives of those closest Read More …

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Founder and President at Refuat Hanefesh
Dr. Ariel Mintz grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After spending two years learning in Israel, at Derech Eitz Chaim and Shaalivm, he earned his BA in Psychology at Yeshiva Univesity in New York. He went on to obtain his MD at Oakland University William Beaumont School of medicine and trained in adult psychiatry at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. He completed a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic and is a practicing psychiatrist in Cleveland, Ohio. He has received awards for his research, academic performance, and service to the Jewish community. He has a supportive and talented wife and three wonderful children. He is very passionate about destigmatizing mental illness and bringing comfort to those who are suffering. Ariel can be reached at
Ariel Mintz, MD
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The stock market is volatile, the government recently went through a historical shutdown and acts of mass violence are almost a daily occurrence. We live in a world with constant anxiety. Besides persistent speculative fear, many of us may also experience frequent headaches, muscle tension or upset stomachs as a result. Are these relatively benign aches the Read More …

Howard Weiner grew up in the Detroit area. He completed all of his training in medicine, adult psychiatry, and child/adolescent psychiatry at the University of Michigan. He is also a graduate of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. He has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient programs, hospitals, and residential treatment programs. He has a special interest in the interface between spirituality and mental health.
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The purpose of this article is twofold. The first is to help parents understand the nature of substance use disorders. The second is to identify signs that indicate that their child may be suffering from such a disorder. This is not an academic treatise on the subject but rather a practical approach.     The Read More …

Shoshana Schwartz is a therapeutic horseback riding instructor and addictions counselor at Retorno. She is the author of four books and a regular contributor to Mishpacha magazine.
Shoshana Schwartz
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It’s 10 a.m. on Shabbos morning, and the congregation at Ohel Yitzchak (fictitious name) stands as the ark is opened. It is time to take out the Torahs. Voices join together in song, and approximately 30 congregants (mostly men and a few teenage boys) discreetly slip out the back door.   The sizable breakaway group Read More …