Emotions Matter

Push away; push away. Exile my emotions as far away as they will go.

“They aren’t there,” I insist.

Push them out far so that they won’t exist. They’re no longer in the zip code. Make sure they’re no longer a part of me.

Where no emotion gets realized and all tears get stored unseen, there’s a steady downward spiral. From fear, to anxiety, to hate, the cascade of emotional reactions throws me into a descending coil of feelings. These feelings are far from positive.

Why We Must Embrace Emotions

We live in a society where it is commonly taught to run from emotions. Some parents raise their kids to live in denial of their emotions. A mandate heard all too often is that “it’s best to separate emotions from life’s decisions.”

While I don’t believe life should be one long soap opera with emotions flooding every interaction, I also don’t believe that from birth to death, life is meant to make humans into apathetic bundles simply sitting on some chairs. A recognition and understanding of our emotions helps us learn how we can better handle them.

Emotions exist. No amount of denial can change that. For girls, boys, women, and men, emotions must be accepted so that they can be dealt with in a healthy way.

How to Navigate Embracing Emotions

Emotions can be tough terrain to navigate, especially if told that it’s unacceptable or wrong to emote or divulge personal thoughts. But the true way to learn how to navigate tough situations and to express yourself appropriately is by learning, practicing, and failing. Put your shame for feeling emotions aside. Emotions are a part of who we are. Believing anything else is unhealthy and not sustainable. Let’s embrace our emotions together.

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2 Comments on “Emotions Matter

  1. I love this article and found it to be so helpful! Thank you for your amazing work for the Jewish Community.

  2. I appreciate the validation! I habdle emotions by distancing myself from a situation and allowong the emotions to go with out judgememnt. I try to practice act therapy, acceptance commitment therapy. Being kind and gentle to whatever you feel in the moment, no matter how difficult. To look at it like a flow of water. I hope this helps .

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