First Experiences with Psychiatry

I don’t know anybody who is as happy as I am tonight, as I sit down to google and try to find a psychiatrist in my neighborhood who can prescribe me psychiatric medication.  

I am just so elated to get the medication that can help me live my life better. 

So I google and open Zocdoc reviews, psychology today pages, and LinkedIn profiles. I see photos of men and women, of all ages and stages, who spend their day helping people like me find the peace and stability I seek. 

I don’t even want to wait. I wish somebody could offer telehealth psychiatry tonight. I’ll take it now, get a prescription, and get it to the pharmacy. I’ll just be so relieved to have these little pills that can positively impact my life. 

Getting To This Place

I’ve arrived at this decision from a place of strength. There were many years that I was struggling, not seeing the value in how medications could help me. However, therapy has done wonders in leading me to this moment. There are things that I’d like to accomplish in my life, and medication can help. I feel happier and more secure than I’ve ever felt.

My Original Psychiatric Journey

A few years ago, I used medication for a short period. While on medication, I was blessed to meet myself, a really great person who I had not met in years. I found my voice, my strength, and my personality emerged. It fascinated me that negative parts of myself that I had always chalked up to “things I need to work on” were in fact just emotional challenges that the meds were extremely helpful with.

I had some bad side effects and did not continue medication at that time. But the experience allowed me to work through some of the fear, sadness, and worry that I had about meds and how it would impact my life. I came around to really appreciating the wonderful things that can be found in those little white pills.  


It is still challenging for me to move forward today because I’m the holistic, naturalistic, type. I barely take pain medication, and for mental health, I’d prefer to try to take vitamins before taking meds. But I’ll take both if that’s what the doctor recommends.

Interestingly, after all this, I’m shocked at myself that I’m not ashamed, embarrassed, or worried about the impact of this step. I’m ready!

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