Creative Contest Winner: Letter To Myself

The following piece was selected as one of the winners of this year’s Refuat Hanefesh Creative Expression Contest. Age group: College and Up. It has been lightly edited. 



Stigma is not only found among the family and friends of one suffering from mental illness. It also lies in the head of those suffering. They may see themselves as a certain type, or doubt what they can accomplish in the future. It’s just as important to educate those with mental illness, as it is to educate the community. If the one suffering cannot fight for himself, how else will they heal? How else will they overcome their mental illness and lead a successful life?


A major part of depression is loneliness. It’s challenging to listen to the advice of others when they have no sense of how you feel. My goal with this letter is to actually go into the minds of those suffering, from the perspective of someone who has been there before, to maximize impact. Once they feel that they can relate to the speaker, they will be able to hear them out.


Although each person’s experience is unique, and not everyone will recover as successfully, I still believe each person deserves a chance to have hope. Sharing this letter which I wrote to myself with those suffering from depression can infuse them with that bit of hope, and maybe even prevent them from cutting their life short.




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