My Dear Brother

My Dear Brother,



Words cannot express the pain I feel as you go through these tough times.


I remember the first day you came to school in your bright orange sweatshirt. I was embarrassed. You smiled. As a kindergartener, you shone with confidence and self-esteem I envied.


Throughout our upbringing, you chose to do what was right. You taught me to accept. Despite your peers who made us nervous (at times), you stood as a leader independent of peer pressure. Not only did you not give in to those around you, but you included those who didn’t have a voice. When I ran for student council, you convinced your entire grade to vote for me. You defended our country, built a beautiful family.


Now you stand in pain. Miles away, the thought of you far hurts. At night, I tear up to Hashem begging him to revive your spirits, help you get the proper medication and therapy to be the strong role model, son, father, husband, and brother who I know is still there.


We stand in a dark period now for our people. Our dreams and aspirations to stand close and represent our creator were shattered. Yet, we are still here. The potential for us to revive our potential as a people is still here. With darkness, there comes light.


Please know and remember that although it’s dark, light will return. The obstacles you’ve been encountering are in some way making you stronger. Please forgive me for not knowing what to say or do when I call from afar. Please know how much I love you and believe in you.



All my love and prayers,
Your Big Sister


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2 Comments on “My Dear Brother

  1. This is a very moving piece and can apply to so many different relationships I have experienced. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this piece. I understand exactly what you are going through. I wish I knew the words to express to my loved on how I feel as beautifully as you did.

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