Poem: Poem About My Autistic Son For His Bar Mitzvah

The following poem was selected as one of the winners of this year’s Refuat Hanefesh Creative Expression Contest. Age group: College and Up. It has been lightly edited. 



My Son


My Son you came in this world giving us so much joy


Your future flashed before my eyes, my sweet little baby boy


You were such a quiet, passive baby, so easy at first


I thanked Hashem daily for this amazing child I had B”H (with the help of Gd) birthed


Then things started to not come so easily to you as they should be


Walking, talking and even responding to us these stages we just didn’t see


We tested you for hearing loss because we worried you might be deaf


The test ruled out many different disabilities until only one was left

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Gd made you a person with autism and for that fate I did weep


The pain and shock I struggled with and the deep sadness it did seep


But then your father said these words and it penetrated my heart – dear son


“Thank you Saadia for being my child; I wouldn’t trade you for anyone”


These words shook my world and made me truly realize


While we can’t choose our parents, our siblings or even the color of our eyes


I can choose to appreciate every gift that is given to me


My dear son Saadia you are very special it is as plain as day to see


You live in this autistic bubble that makes every second tough for you to deal


You are so wrapped up in this that we may forget that you do hear all and feel


You are a soul given to us to care for, you to have a purpose on this earth


While we are not privy to the reason, every soul down here has great worth



So now it is your Bar mitzvah; you will turn 13 today


Though it won’t look like others bar mitzvahs, our thanks to Hashem we will say


Thank you my son for the gift of teaching me to have deep faith that is unwavering


Thank you to all the angels that stand with you keeping you safe, you they are favoring


While you have no words to speak you are able to say amein


You try your hardest on Shabbos from the iPad you do refrain


You love to cuddle and be held even as you grow taller than me


You try to lead me to what you want showing me your world and what you hear and see


You work very hard to not be a burden or bring me much stress


Helping yourself to everything in my cupboard and making a huge mess


You try to be independent and sometimes it is really great


Other times I pray that your angels keep extra eyes and hands on you making sure you are safe


I am just a mother making the rules up as I go


Sometimes the answer is Yes; sometimes maybe and lots of times NO



While I don’t know what the future holds for you my dearest darling son


Thank you for being my Saadia, I wouldn’t trade you for anyone.


Happy Bar mitzvah my Saadia!



Love Mommy




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  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your son. It touched me deeply put tears in my eyes. I also am blessed with a autistic son. But I can’t express my feelings as well as you. He’s blessed to have a Mother like you

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