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Creative Expression Contest

2020 Creative Expression Contest Winners



Melanie Goldberg Silver

Melanie Goldberg Silver is an attorney. She lives with her husband and daughter in Riverdale.

Age Group: College and Up

Message from The Artist: This painting was made during a particularly difficult time in my life. I tried to inspire hope for myself – by using the psalm that means “what’s planted with tears will be harvested with joy.” That’s what inspired this. Read More...



Barak Hagler

Barak Hagler is an Elizabeth, New Jersey native who recently graduated Yeshiva University with a B.A. in Economics. Professionally, he is an aspiring actuary but loves creative activities like reading as writing (as incongruous as that may sound). Barak is also a huge sports fan (Yankees and Nets in particular) and in a parallel universe would be a sports broadcaster. He writes on mental health because he wants to help people realize that grappling with mental health is as normal and human as breathing.

Age Group: College and Up

Message from the Author: While the inspiration for this piece was someone who deals with obsessive thoughts and compulsions, the message is universal. We all want to get better, and Read More …



Gabe Gross

Hi! My Name is Gabe Gross. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio but moved to Houston, Texas my senior year of high school. I recently finished two years of learning at Yeshivat Orayta and am excited to continue my education at Yeshiva University next year.

Age Group: College and Up

Introduction from the Chabura Leader: Mental health has always been a big part of who I am (for better and for worse). As a result, I wanted to insert that part of me Read More …





Age Group: High School

Message from the Author: Trapped is a poem discussing the feelings of depression one faces and how one feels trapped within themselves.    Read More …