Your World

I couldn’t live in your world
exist in the shadows where you dwell
your reality covered in mist
like a gray fog that never lifts
pulled in by an illness that doesn’t show
on the outside


What is it like to be you
to have people keep their distance
to get quizzical looks from things you say
to not have many friends or any lovers


To be alone


You are so brave
to go on day after day
and make do with puzzle pieces
that never quite fit


How is it that when the good things in life
were dealt out
you got shortchanged
though you don’t seem to lament
your situation


I know you see things in a different way
you are content with a cup
that is never full
and you enjoy what you enjoy


Your place in this universe
must be a special one



Editor’s Note: This poem is one of a few published to Refuat Hanefesh by Joanne touching on the life of her brother and his mental illness. Please see Joanne’s author page for further moving pieces and check back for the continued publishing of Joanne’s work.


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