What goes around comes around

Take me a gift

In this week’s Torah portion (Terumah) God commands, “…And they should take to me a gift, whoever’s heart inspires him…”(25:2) Logically, we should have been commanded to give a gift, not take a gift. One explanation for this word choice is that by contributing to the Tabernacle we are receiving something greater than what we gave.


What’s mine is mine

Oftentimes people are possessive of their money and time. They feel they deserve what they have and resent when people or organizations ask for contributions.


Those who give will receive

Interestingly, when people act altruistically, they are actually the ones who gain the most. Countless studies have shown that people who regularly give their time and money are happier, healthier and live longer more fulfilling lives. Further, when we teach our children to volunteer, without ulterior motives, they are more likely to be successful in school and their future careers. Next time you get annoyed about being asked to contribute, remember the lesson of “take a gift”.

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