Set them for success!

In this week’s Torah portion (Mishpatim), Moshe is commanded: “And these are the laws you should place before them”. The Talmud (Eiruvin 54b) derives from the words “place before them” that the commandments and their details should be laid out like a set table with everything ready to be eaten.

We all learn differently

When teaching a concept, it is easy to get frustrated when our children, students or colleagues don’t understand it. It is helpful to remember people learn in different ways. Some comprehend best by hearing, others by speaking, reading, seeing, feeling, or even tasting. Research also tells us people are more likely to remember something associated with a strong emotion. If a lesson could be made fun or given over with a tremendous sense of awe it is more likely to stick.


If no one understands you, learn a new language

Everyone is unique and has their own way of attaining knowledge. Next time you try to explain something to someone and they don’t immediately grasp it, remember Hashem’s lesson. Lay it out like a set table with the ability to explore the idea in whatever way works best for that individual.

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