Perinatal Depression: You Are Not Alone

Perinatal depression is a condition that affects 25% of women during or after pregnancy. However, it is often not discussed, leaving those suffering from it to feel ashamed and alone. Refuat Hanefesh is holding a Live Conversation tonight at 8:30pm est with Bari Mitzmann to take this illness out of the shadows and show support for those who have or are experiencing it.


Bari Mitzmann has a bachelor’s in psychology and a masters in special education. She is currently the Associate director of Las Vegas NCSY. Bari began sharing her experiences with anxiety and depression on Instagram. The tremendous amount of feedback motivated her to create, which features several articles about fashion, inspiration and living with mental illness.

Bari will candidly share her story of peripartum depression along with the fears and insecurity that went along with it. She will imbue us with lessons she learned and what she wished she had known when she was going through it. Most importantly, she will answer viewers questions to help them alleviate their own fears, acquire tools to overcome their challenges, and understand how to help their friends and loved ones who may have perinatal depression, anxiety or psychosis.


The conversation will take place live on the Refuat Hanefesh Facebook page at 8:30pm est on Sunday, April 22nd.


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