Little Sinai, Big Lesson

Why was the Torah given on Mount Sinai?

In this week’s Torah portion (Yitro), the Jews receive the 10 commandments on Mount Sinai. This awesome revelation occurred at Mount Sinai even though it was not the tallest or most beautiful of mountains (Sotah 5a).



We all feel little at times

Humankind has a tendency to compare ourselves to others. We often feel insecure in our jobs and relationships, believing we are not as smart or skilled as expected. It is not uncommon for people to avoid asking a question because they fear they will be the only person who didn’t understand.



Being the smartest doesn’t make you the best

Research has shown that people prefer colleagues who exhibit warmth, trustworthiness, and morality over those who are brighter. In fact, when a person exhibits these traits they are rated as being more competent than other’s who possess the same skill set. Relationships that prioritize these values are stronger, happier and more fulfilling. The lesson is: work on being a good, empathic person and don’t worry about incompetencies. If you take this approach you will be more successful in all realms of life.

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