The Who, What and Why of Anxiety Disorders

Personal stories and opinion

Happy Birthday To Me

I just recently turned 22. A birthday is always a good time to stop and reflect on the previous year ...
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Rewriting Our Inner Dialogue

Recently, I sent my friend a WhatsApp message and saw that she was online. I waited for her reply, albeit ...
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How I Made The Best of My Time in Social Isolation

The last few weeks have been bizarre and worrisome for all of us. As COVID-19 cases increase, shuls have been ...
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NBC’s This is Us: Randall’s Not Okay

When I first started watching This Is Us, I immediately fell in love with the relatable and compelling storyline: the ...
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To Cover or Not to Cover Self-Harm Scars?

Every morning when I get dressed (especially in the summer), I have a battle in my head, pondering this dilemma: ...
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Firsthand Strategies For When Social Anxiety Hits

Many living with social anxiety disorder can list several opportunities they let slip away because of their anxiety. Maybe they ...
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