What is Depression (a poem)

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Depression is crying all day, filling a daily bucket that must be emptied. Depression is checking for messages, waiting for phone calls that don’t come. Depression is tired. Too tired to care. Too tired to love. Too tired to live. Depression is blaming myself for falling and needing superhuman strength to pick myself up. Depression Read More …

Trauma (a poem)

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Loosely definedDeeply disturbingIn my mindPerpetually hurting Furthermore, Psychoanalysis dissectsPicks at the psycheEntitles intellectConforming clinically But I, Vitally dissolveTerminology abusePositively dis-involveDiagnostic cues For the turmoil withinBreaks the brawniest warriorThe nightmares I spinDemeans the most despicable horror My Reality’s removeAttached to anotherThe visions gluedUnabating hover The Countless triggersPull the cordHaunting figuresTerror sword Therefore, Vernacular apathizesAggravates the soreMerely Read More …

Poem: Trapped

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The following poem was selected as one of the winners of this year’s Refuat Hanefesh Creative Expression Contest. Age group: high school. Message from the author: Trapped is a poem discussing the feelings of depression one faces and how one feels trapped within themselves Barely Breathing: suffocationA silent stone in jailThey won’t put me on probationI Read More …

Poem: Poem About My Autistic Son For His Bar Mitzvah

Milaine Grossbard loves finding creative ways to express to others what it’s like to raise two special needs children. She dislikes cooking but her hobbies are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She uses humor to make people laugh.
Milaine Grossbard
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The following poem was selected as one of the winners of this year’s Refuat Hanefesh Creative Expression Contest. Age group: College and Up. It has been lightly edited.      My Son   My Son you came in this world giving us so much joy   Your future flashed before my eyes, my sweet little baby Read More …

The Experience of Talking About Healing in Mental Illness

Yali Szulanski is a teacher, writer, spiritual educator, and life-long learner. She is the Youth Director at The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale and founder of “I Am”/Hineini, an integrative program which introduces four-body (spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical) self care into the secular and Judaic classroom. Yali’s vision is to create robust, engaging, inclusive, and evolving spaces for people going through life’s big changes, mainly adolescence and matrescence. Yali received her Masters in Psychology and Education from Teachers’ College, Columbia University, and has been a teacher for over a decade. Yali is also a certified rescue diver, Zumba instructor, meditation teacher, energy healer, and lends her talents to various organizations as a teacher and educational wellness consultant. Yali lives in Riverdale, NY, with her family.
Yali Szulanski
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[Hello My Name Is…] Swirling snow;serpents at our heels.My body buzzes;muscles shivering. Tension crawls –beneath my skin,and my mask –begins to crumble. My stomach hurts;I am afraid. I face a semi-circle;eyes in faces stare at me.It’s time for me to tell the truth,let everybody know –“I Am” My tears are slow and silent,they slide backwards-absorbed Read More …

The Physical Pain of Mental Illness

Message from the author: Dear fellow sisters and brothers, I wrote the following poem to validate my shame and pain. And then I thought to share it with anyone else who can relate. Maybe you are a holy jew with mental illness, or maybe you have a spouse, sister, brother, son or daughter with a Read More …

From Silhouette to Songbird: Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse

Elizabeth is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The traumatic effects of this left many emotional scars as well as complex PTSD, in a life often hidden by silence. She is the author of the book Silhouette of a Songbird, which witnesses Elizabeth's personal struggle on her journey to unlock the pain of reclaiming her voice through the power of poetry. By sharing her own experience, she hopes this will provide support and strength to others who have suffered similar childhood trauma, with the knowledge that they are understood and not walking through the storm alone.
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I was the one in the shadows, blending in with the wallpaper hoping no one would notice me. The silhouette quietly hiding, too scared to open my mouth and when I did speak, it would be anxious chatter of a child, covering up fear with humour, a deflection of the truth. I grew up in Read More …

The Orange

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  The Orange    I flip a page, and then another.    My eyes scan the words, desperately looking for a spark of inspiration. It’s midnight, and I’m lying in bed reading a book of poetry, hungry for words which will reflect my state of mind. Words that will tell me that someone else has Read More …

You’ll Be Okay

Hannah lives in East Brunswick, NJ, with her parents and two cats. After the summer, she will begin studying Visual Arts at Mason Gross School of the Arts within Rutgers University. Hannah has been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder since eleventh grade and ADHD Inattentive Type since about a year ago, and she hopes that her writing will help others see that they’re not so alone.
Hannah Finkelshteyn
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Poetry has, for a while, been one of my healthier coping mechanisms. Many an anxious spiral or panic attack have been, at least somewhat, calmed down by writing down some of my feelings in prose. The following poem was written shortly after my rejection from Princeton. Throughout high school, I had very high expectations of Read More …