We greatly appreciate your courage and desire to share your insights and help #breakthesilence.

Rules for Submission:

  1. You may send in previously published material, provided that you include a link to the original post.
  2. Anything sent in is subject to be edited for clarity and grammar/spelling. It is our goal to ensure that your voice and style remains yours- and so we may contact you and ask you to do some editing on your own.
  3. A picture will be added to your piece, usually something pertaining to nature, and you do NOT need to send one in. However, if you wish to, we will do our best to accept it.
  4. We encourage you to register with the website so that readers could link to your author page, read your bio and contact you.
  5. If you do not register, but would like readers to be able to contact you, please include your email or contact info in your submissions, otherwise comments can be posted below the post.
  6. Pseudonyms are accepted and encouraged for authors who plan to submit multiple pieces anonymously.
  7. Feel free to send us ideas or full drafts.

Frequently asked questions:


We don't have an explicit minimum or maximum limit. We suggest your piece be between 500 and 900 words.
We are accepting poems, however we request that the author include a paragraph or two as an explanation.
No. it just has to have to do with mental health/mental illness.
These terms include a broad range of categories. Depression, intellectual disabilities, bullyng, schizophrenia, relationship problems, addiction and much more qualify.
Nope! Our blog is open to professionals and non professionals alike. We accept everyone.
Yes! However, we encourage disclosure and believe that a way to end the stigma is by speaking out in your voice under your name.
Yes! However, we ask that you provide a link to your post on Refuat Hanefesh.