Where stigma ends and support begins

Our Mission

We are a 501c3 recognized charity dedicated to decreasing the stigma surrounding mental illness through conversation and education, while providing a safe place for those affected to seek support and advice.

Why Now

The status quo is unacceptable. 40% of people will have a diagnosable mental health disorder in their lifetime. 20% in any given year. Essentially everyone has family or a friend affected. According to the NIMH up to 50% of these people are untreated leading to higher morbidity and mortality. Too many people with mental illness are silent because they are afraid of their reputations in "the community". Too many mothers suffer because talking to someone might ruin their child's chances of making good friends, getting into the right schools, and finding a spouse. Kids and teens are starving and cutting themselves; feeling hopeless and with nowhere to turn due to lack of support and education.

How We Will Accomplish Our Mission

We will accomplish this by acknowledging that mental illness is real and common, and giving a voice to those who are afraid to speak. Through education and communication, we will begin to understand and eradicate the stigma that surrounds mental health/illness. Those affected will receive support through the Support Room, Live Chats, and Resource pages.


We will further our mission and reach into the community by initiating mental illness essay competitions and sending our curricula and speakers into schools, synagogues, and other venues.



Our Hopes

In the Jewish community, those who suffer from mental illness face unique challenges and find it particularly difficult to confront the stigma and find confidants or professionals who understand their unique values and way of life. Whether you personally have a mental illness, have a relationship with someone who does, or want to be an educated and informed member of your greater community, we hope this website will be the source of guidance, inspiration, and support that is so desperately needed.

Our Team

Executive Board


Ariel Mintz, MD

Founder and President

Avi Gordon

Vice President

Creative Board


Etan Neiman



Yocheved Rabinowitz, LCSW

Support Room Facilitator


Nathan Gilson

Chair of Business Management



Talia Korn

Head of Publishing & Social Media


Moshe Winograd, PhD

Outreach Initiatives Coordinator


Chaim Ancier, MSW, LICSW

Head of Marketing



Netanel Paley

Head of Recrutiment

Advisory Board


Bella Schanzer, MD, MPH

Psychiatry Advisor

glicksman picture

Stephen Glicksman, PhD

Intellectual Disabilities Advisor

PELCOVITZ PICTURE 2016 (2) (conflicted copy 2017-08-08)

David Pelcovitz, PhD

Psychology Advisor

H. Goldberg Pic

Hannah Goldberg, NP

Child Mental Health Advisor



Dani Bauer

Marriage Advisor


Andrew Waters, LADC

Addiction Advisor


Dovid Zirkind

Jewish Content Advisor



Dovid Fredman, MFT, M.Ed

Marriage Advisor


Avital Mintz

Relationship Advisor